Words for the Body

The Desert Poem- Nothing is Impossible

Isa. 41:19-20

19 I will put in the desert

the cedar and acacia, the myrtle and the olive.

I will set pines in the wasteland,

the fir and the cypress together,

20 so that people may see and know,

may consider and understand,

that the hand of the Lord has done this,

that the Holy One of Israel has created it.


You say you’re in a desert, a dry and barren place.

You feel no motivation to pray and seek God’s face.

You feel your life bears no fruit; doubt threatens like a cancer,

When you called out to the Lord, silence was His answer.


You then have your friends to pray; they hear Him to the letter.

As they give words you wonder if God must love them better.

So I share with you a truth that once was brought to me.

Our Father picks this barrenness to grow some special trees.


Four-He plants from just a seed; They’re very hard to see.

Yet here in this unlikely place they grow to set us free.

The cedar means tenacity with roots deep and strong.

The acacia wears piercing thorns, yet blooms a victory song.

The myrtle tree is fragrant, a balm to all in need,

The oil tree, His anointing, to set the captives free.


Three trees our Father chose to set; visible yet growing;

Marvelous amazing grace, while desert winds are blowing!

The Fir means elastic tree, with the inner strength it takes,

So when Father’s winds are changing, it bends but never breaks.

Endurance is the noble pine; it’s learned how to abide.

Cypress means to forward erect, not fallen with earthly pride.


You say these trees never grow in places so forsaken.

They need a climate moist and cool where better care is taken.

This is true if all God wanted was just a pretty tree.

But He sometimes chooses deserts to grow a better me!


Merrie Cardin


Prophetic Warning from Merrie 8/17/2015


I have always believed that the church’s traditional teachings concerning separation of church and state were born in deception.  We are the Kingdom of God.  We are the called out ones and we are never separated from exercising our influence.  So, I speak freely into elections and anything else the Lord asks me to.  We are entering a very intense and I will even say potentially dangerous season.  It is a good season!  We will ride the wind of awakening with a light that can be seen through the universe!

I hear the voice of the Lord saying, “Be very on guard of the spirit of prostitution – the spirit of harlotry that would seduce those wanting to stand.

Let’s think for a moment about the seduction of the prostitute.  That covenant breaking evil would prey on the weakness of the person’s heart – the fear, the anger flowing out of a feeling of powerlessness.  Even in the natural it is the weakness of man, the slave heart that would be vulnerable to the prostitute.  The price paid for the covenant breaking deed is death.

Prov 3:25 Do not be afraid of sudden fear,  Nor of the onslaught of the wicked when it comes; 26 For the Lord  will be your confidence,  And will keep your foot from being caught.    NASB

There are two prostitutes seeking to have intimacy with and deceive even those wishing to walk right.  One is called Bitterness and the other is called Human Anger.  Bitterness is a stranger and you cannot drink from those waters and live.  This is why Moses had to throw the branch (cross) into the waters of Marah so Israel could drink.  The cross accomplished our forgiveness and is intrinsically tied to the forgiveness of others.  When we are weak with fear and powerlessness the enemy will offer us the stirred and mixed waters of bitterness. He is offering it to entire cultures. The unfaithful force of human anger is another that will attempt to have intimacy with us so that we are trapped in false power.

“The anger of man cannot produce the righteousness of God.”  James 1:20

It is true that there is righteous indignation that comes from the fire of our Father against wickedness.  This is what caused the Psalmist to cry out in Ps 139, “How I hate those that hate You!”  How do we know the difference between human anger and holy anger?  One is born of fear and one is born of love.  Human anger originates from a fear of powerlessness.  Holy anger originates from the fear of the Lord.  One is self-serving and brings fearful striving.  Holy anger is God-serving and leads to intercession and faith. Human anger is focused on people.  Holy anger is focused on Satan and loves the people.

Friends of God, I speak to covenant people – a remnant. I know we have suffered frustration but we are NOT powerlessness.  I know there are words aimed at us with the stench of the accuser but we are NOT brought down.  We have the Word of our Father!  The accuser WILL BE thrown down because we have His blood, His testimony and boldness that is not afraid of death. His Word alone must move us.

Today I hear of presidential candidates and others that wish to lead us and it is said, “They have tapped into the stream of people’s anger.” Anger is not a healthy stream to “tap into.” Anger is the cover for fear, pain and powerlessness.  It is the same stream that caused Germany to accept the Third Reich.  Friends, let Holy Spirit alone tap into your pain and anger.  He will transform our fear into power.  We are and will hear of those who will tap into financial fears and many other fears. While one of these may indeed become our next president I pray for a national leader tapped into the anointing that God has to heal our nation!!  Yahweh alone is our financial security, our power, and our future. I pray that we will not allow our frustration, pain or anger to be our guide.  I am saying be very careful to be moved by the ONE who is our guide.

Now, I urge you.  Get out there and engage for the influence you were born again to carry.  Speak with the boldness of His love in you.  Do all you know to do and then stand.  AND beware of seduction.  Do not give your strength to another.

Prov 5:3 For the lips of a woman who is a stranger drop honey, her mouth is smoother than oil;  4 but in the end she is as bitter as wormwood, sharp as a double-edged sword.  5 Her feet go down to death, her steps lead straight to Sh’ol;  6 she doesn’t walk the level path of life — her course wanders all over, but she doesn’t know it. 7 So now, children, listen to me; don’t turn away from what I am saying:  8 distance your way from her, stay far from the door of her house;  9 so that you won’t give your vigor to others and your years to someone who is cruel, 10 so strangers won’t be filled with your strength and what you worked for go to a foreign house.


November 16, 2014

There is a change this day. I have to tell you what the Lord is showing me in the spirit. Up here is a banner and out of your mouth came come under the banner. The Lord is saying come under My banner of change. The banner says Yeshua Hamashiach. He is alive, He is ruling and reigning over this nation in the hearts of those that will align with Me. Ten angels on each side came in waving flags, the wind of hope. The Lord says step out of hope deferred, see with new visions, mount up like eagles and soar in My breath. And I will strengthen you to have a boldness and a voice like never before to shift a nation in intercession and prayer, and even some of you are called to the microphone to speak out the change and to go to the legislative government. The Lord says I am uncapping things so come under My banner, and the Lord is floating on our praises so the Lord says get excited cause the electricity, the frequencies, the sounds are here. My banner, Jehovah Nissi, is waving. Get like Jehosaphat and go out in praise and worship before Me. Get excited cause I am ruling. Watch the Lord says. Watch the whirlwinds and when you see them coming, good or bad, step into the eye of it. Know that I am your boundary. I am your bloodline. I am your hope says the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

I just have a strong impression from Holy Spirit that there are people in here who want a more intimate, a better relationship with Jesus. I first of all want to say please just grab someone and say Will you pray for me about that. I just felt the Lord would be pleased today if as a congregation of people who love Him, Let’s just kind of go to something basic and just thank God that all our sins are forgiven. There’s not one of us that come to our heavenly Father on our own merit or because we’re good. Let’s just be thankful for a minute, just wow, your sins are forgiven. All our shame at the cross, all of our silly patterns, all of our craziness just loses its power at the cross. And if that were the end it would be awesome but then He fills us with Holy Spirit the minute we accept Him and we literally begin to be transformed into the person we always really wanted to be and just can’t without His power. So Father as a congregation of those called, called to the nation, called, Lord today we just want to thank You once again that our sins are forgiven and Holy Spirit is in us. We say Holy Spirit, Father, this morning You just change us into everything that You want us to be. But we never forget to be simply grateful for what You did at the cross and for all the things You’ve done. We confess before You today, we can’t take one step without You. So as our heart sings and Lord we even come close to a covenant time in our nation called Thanksgiving, we just say we are so grateful today for the cross, for Holy Spirit, and that You create a people who never lose. And Father that You’re Name is always triumphant, in us, through us, and over us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

November 9, 2014

I hear the Lord saying, I’m looking for some gold people. I am looking for some people who have been through the fire and come out on the other side saying I’ve got more faith than I had before. I’ve got more strength than I had before. And the Lord said surely I will cause that river to become gold and I will pour you into the breach and the division in this nation. For the Lord says there is great wounding in your nation and bitterness that has come up even to my ears but the Lord says I will cause a golden people to be poured into that breach and seal it. So the Lord says offer me yourself today. Offer me the gold that has come out of your fire. For the Lord says surely, surely you will look back and say that was a great time of faith. The Lord says watch for there is a new Renaissance movement coming to this nation. As one that was in the 17th century, surely this nation will see a Renaissance movement and it will be about My people in this nation for I am changing My people into the very image of My Bride says the Lord.

There is a wind and a shifting over this nation. For I have been dropping my plumb line over this nation and over your hearts for months. I am purifying, I am transforming, and I am changing the vessels in My presence who cry out to Me and say Lord, Lord You are the One True Living God. I stand for You and You alone. The Lord says I am looking at the heartbeat and I am changing your hearts to beat with Mine. I am putting My roar and My voice into your very existence and the boldness of the Lion of Judah will roar forth from your voice and you will stand in amazement and say who said that and I will say it is the I Am speaking through you. I choose to work through you so I am purifying. So the Lord says lay yourself prostrate in your heart before Me. Let Me sanctify, let Me change, let Me roast into that purity and that gold that she was talking about your apostle. The Lord says I am looking to purify you like gold so that you can roar with authority, I am calling you into your place. I am calling you to the high places to release the sound of change over this nation. My heart wants change for this nation. Align with Me this day says the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

You were sent for such a time as this. I the Lord God could have placed you anywhere in time but I have placed you in this strategic time because before you were born you were set apart for this time in history.  I see the Lord. I see the Lord with His wings outstretched and each and everyone of you are covered in the shadows, or hidden in the shadow of his wings in the secret place. And I see His heart, His heart dripping with blood as He Himself, His heart is breaking for the nations of the world, for the Muslims of the world, for those who do not know Him or do not want to know Him. And He is placing His heart in your heart. And as the days go on you will find your hearts breaking for nations that maybe you never even thought about but He is putting His heart in each and every one of you. And the weapons of your warfare are peace, rest, worship, intimacy. The Lord says come unto Me for My burden is light. And He says spend time with Me in your busy days. The most important thing you can do is spend time with Me. And I will put My perspective in you. For this is a time to bring Heaven to earth. And I will show you how to bring Heaven to earth. Each and every one of you, this is not a time to be busy and going after things you think will help in your warfare. It is a time to rest in the Lord, a time for peace in your heart. And these things, especially  the worship, the intimacy, those are your primary weapons of warfare. And the Lord says I pour My love out to each and every one of you and My goodness upon each and every one of you. Take it to the broken of this world. Take My goodness, take My glory, take My love to the broken of your city and even beyond out to the world.

Father, we just dovetail into that word. You’re vetting this critical examination that You are laying over Your people. You’re vetting Your people at this time to see if they are in that place to ensure the strength, to be entrusted with the secrecy, the loyalty and the trustworthiness. And I pray for the vets, Father, and for the body of Christ that are veterans. Let it be said that the vets ran the good race, that we would be holy as Your veterans. We honor those Father who have paid the price not knowing what they were walking into in a young age in the military Father. And many have come out Father very wounded. We pray for them this day as we pray for the body of Christ that that healing would rise up and bring us back into a place to run the race well again Father. Bless the veterans.

I feel like the Lord is saying I want to make it clear I want to honor My veterans. You may have served in the natural in the military but you’ve been in My army for years and you’ve served faithfully. I want to honor you. When you serve for a long time, unless you are really bad at what you do, you get promoted. You cannot take that and move in that promotion until you come into that position before Him. Let Him honor you and release it. Father, I stand before You and adore You and praise You that if a carnal nation can honor its veterans, how much more do You want to honor Yours. I bind every spirit of false humility from this place and from everyone in here and we will receive the honor You want to grant us so that we may move freely and with full authority into the next level You have for us. We bow before You and we receive Your honor and Your commissioning to the next step and the next level. Now to respond to that just as we get ready to transition here what I want to exhort and encourage us to do today is find a veteran in the natural and honor that veteran. As you have come into the word here that you’re a veteran in the Lord’s army. Before we leave today find one of those that was standing and honor them for their fight for our nation in the natural.

You know we were in the river, and it was a river of fire and I could see us jumping from flame to flame in the river. And you know those fire tunnels, those whirlwinds that get going, y’all we were getting sucked up into these fire tunnels and going all the way up to the top, dancing in the middle and getting spun out in a place of promotion  and that’s what I saw, it spun us to a higher place.

November 2, 2014

Dream:  I had a dream this week and I think the Father, that the Lord wants me to share it with you all. I saw these hordes of people, they were in groups. Did anyone here see Lord of the Rings? They were dark, black images. There were no graphic ugly faces or anything like that. There were just hordes of, groups of dark, dark human bodies. And they had a plague. They had a plague. Now this isn’t about Ebola but they had a plague that was catching. And as I looked at them I could see that it was just spreading. That people were just catching it. And I saw that when, you could see it get on someone. It was like a black jellyfish. It was transparent and it would go over and latch onto somebody and then just sink into them and disappear. And then suddenly one of the people got healed. And the Lord said He forgave. And God began to show me that that could spread. And as they forgave other people forgave and God began to heal this plague. And I woke up and I thought Okay. Search my heart because this was very heavy, very strong and the first thing I thought was Jesus saying if you don’t forgive you will not be forgiven.  And I mean do whatever you want to with your theology in that line but Jesus said it. So this is really heavy on my heart and I began to search my heart. And God began to bring  the people in the political arena that I would like to strangle, anyway, so I’ll leave it there. Then anyway, God really dealt with me and He showed me, He showed me it was like a blanket of attitudes and people that I didn’t have a right heart toward and I didn’t even really realize it until He opened my eyes to see. Well then last night, I often listen to my kindle as I go to sleep, I find somebody, some ministry to listen to, and last night the Lord said Bobby Conner and His sermon was on, was The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart. And I had spoken to my family women two or three years ago and that was my title. So I thought Oh, okay I’ll listen to this. By the time he was through he had so married it to my dream. This is not a time that we can walk in unforgiveness. We want nothing in our hearts between us and the Lord when we get down to pray. Not only do our own hearts, and minds, and lives depend on it but so does the condition of the church and the hope and future of our country. So, it’s time to search our hearts. It’s not time to compromise anything. This is what God is speaking to my heart.


While Harriet was talking about the jellyfish, the dark coming on people and then vanishing into them, it made me think of a boil. I was back during praise and worship standing on the tape of Texas where Houston would be. And I felt like the Lord was saying I’m going to lance this boil that has come up and I was praying that He would contain it as only He can. And as only He can do it without damage. And then He had me lay flat out on the floor and my hand hit up in the center of the map. And I heard him say He’s used this church as a scapel. When God can trust you with a sharp instrument, it’s the highest honor He can give you. We give Him praise. We thank You and we thank You Lord. … that Your word goes forth like a two edged sword. Father we thank You for the words, for Your words, that have been released through us and will be released through us that will lance that boil in Houston. And Father we thank You that You have graced us with Your voice.  We receive this word, this revelation Father and we respond with a hearing heart to begin over the next weeks to release Your words into Houston. Father we bless You. We thank you Jesus.