Words for the Body

October 26, 2014

And there is someone in here, very clearly you got a bad report about yourself. And I sense it was from like a job or something or a relative but it caused you to feel discouraged about yourself. And the Lord said bring yourself into My presence because I celebrate you. And the Lord says today a wind blows against all discouragement. And the Lord says some of you have grown comfortable under the canopy of shame and the Lord says I am blowing that thing today and you come into My presence. I AM the one who celebrates you, the one who encourages you. And the Lord says weights are lifting off today. I see spinal compression being lifted today. I see heel spurs being healed so you can dance again. I see the Lord delivering us from every bad report and everything that holds us back today. And Lord we worship You. Your name is I AM your celebration. And the Lord says Lift up and raise up that grief from the past season and let My wind blow it away. For there is a time to grieve but there is a time to rejoice. And the Lord says this morning Rejoice and watch my wind blow the grief of the last season away.


During the first song of worship this morning I kept hearing Jehovah Nissi. Then a scripture came up that I have heard taught in a different way When the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises a standard. The teaching was move the comma. When the enemy comes in, like a flood God raises up a standard. And when I saw them come down with this banner it was the flood. It was the standard raised and it was Jehovah Nissi. This is the season that the flood came. I hear the Lord saying that there are those of us who believed that we had God visions and God dreams and God callings but since nothing happened we believed it died and that we were wrong. The Lord says this is the season of resurrection. He says allow His breath to blow upon these dry bones in our lives and allow them to come to life and to see what God will do in us. We’ve said it, that the time has passed, the time was too late, we’ve grown older. The Lord says the time is when I say the time is and I say the time is now. So allow my breath to blow on the dry things in your life, I say let My breath blow upon the dry things in your life and let resurrection take place. Watch the life rise within you. Watch me release what I said I would release. It will be something you never dreamed it would be if you allow My breath to inhabit it, if you allow my word to come forth. Step into that place. You haven’t missed Me.  You haven’t missed Me. Step into Me. Step into Me. It’s not enough to just stand in My presence. Experience My presence. Allow My presence to come into you. Allow my life to flow into those dark and dead places. We just decree life. Every eye will see Your glory, every ear will hear Your voice, every nation come before You, every generation rejoice before You Lord.


Lord, we want to walk in a new measure of faith in this day. Lord, You are looking for sons and daughters of faith. We are tired of looking to someone else, and we are tired of saying it’s not me You’re calling it’s somebody else. And You’re saying, Lord, it’s you. I am calling you My son, I am calling you My daughter to believe. Believe. Believe in Me today. Believe in the authority I’ve entrusted you with. It’s not too late. No, it’s not too late to rise up in faith, to perform miracles in my name. It’s not too late. The fields are white unto harvest but it’s not too late. The hour is late but I’ve redeemed the days. It’s not too late for a people to rise up in faith. It’s not to late to restore what has been lost. It’s not too late. I just keep hearing Him say as Isaac is singing that He’s saying to write them down. Write your promises down. They may be promises from the past but write down the new ones that I am giving you. As you write them down, it will release your faith to believe that they are coming to pass. This is a time, this is a season in Jesus name.


I see a school of prophets being formed in this region. An army of prophets. An army and a priesthood of those who release the river. Let’s just say Here I am send me together. Here I am Send me Lord. Lord we’re not afraid to be sent. We’re not afraid to go where you say go.  We’re not afraid to step out Lord. Speak to us Lord. Speak to us today.


One reason we do first fruits is to honor and stay in the timing of the King. And I saw us standing on a mountain in the midst of these evergreen trees and there was just a wind blowing through the trees. And you know when you are in the mountains, it just makes a beautiful sound. And I heard the Lord say “Pick up your feet today.” And I just want to encourage you, even if you just take a step forward, He wants us to step out of past time, my time, too late time, I missed it time, that time’s over, all of that, and put our feet on the mountain of the King where time is everlasting. It’s like I can hear Him saying It’s everlasting. Put your feet into eternity today. And I heard Him say from this place we just release the song of the King. Release it to your family. Release the song of the King. Release it to government, to cities, to your past and your future. Release My song, the song of the King.  And we just say today that it’s a kingdom that never ends. It’s a kingdom that’s increasing. It’s His kingdom. It’s His mountain. And Father we just say today as a corporate company we put our feet on the mountain of God. And we hear your wind blowing through the evergreen and we worship the One who is everlasting. And Lord we say from here You teach us to release the song of the King over everything. He says don’t come back down until your time and your perspective release what I am saying, release My goodness. And today I just really sense Lord we just release the song of the King over families. And we say it’s an everlasting song and You are an everlasting King.

October 19, 2014

Hallelujah, Jesus.  There’s no better picture, no greater picture of restoration than the bride on her wedding day. Father we praise You for that. And Father, in the face of judgment, help us to always see restoration Father. You are restoring us. And Father whatever judgment can’t be averted, Father, we seek Your grace to walk through it. But always in the face of restoration. We exalt You and praise You and glorify Your holy name.


Father thank you for opening up an old well, an old well of Your Word, an old well that got perverted into name it and claim it.  But it is coming up pure, clean, holy. And it’s a Word movement to restore our minds to utterly and thoroughly believe by its washing that we do come into that authority. We do move in it. We live in it. We breathe in it. It’s not a gift, it’s an inheritance. Grace us as Your body to continually, constantly come against every lie no matter how small and insignificant we think it is that enters our brain , that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and Your ways, and Your Word and how You see us. Constant. Consistent. Committed. Never missing as opportunity to destroy the lie with Your word, until it becomes who we are.


I am calling you by the blood of My Son that was shed to come into your identity of your authority and to breathe your breath with My spirit so they’ll co-labor and cause whirlwinds of change, not only for you personally and in your household but in this nation. So the Lord says there is change that is taking place that I am decreeing and ordering.  The Lord says there is a shift in the war games.  Put your eyes on the authority that My Son gave you at the cross when you accepted Him and went through the doorway of the cross into your new identity. Come into your authority. Do not look back to the past. Those shackles are dead to you. Come up, Come up, Come up for I have a war plan. I have a victory. There is an overcoming anointing over each one of your voices. And right now the Lord says I loose your voice to come into the structure of change and your identity. Come up. Come up. I love you with a fierce roar. I love you into your identity. I love you says the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Ancient of Days. Come up My children. Co-labor with Me. War with Me.  Drink in victory with Me for the battle is Mine says the Lord.

October 12, 2014

There is a well, a spring that several months ago we removed the old lid of the old well and it is springing up, but the Lord has opened the heavenlies above us and there is a waterspout shaped like a plumb line coming down from heaven into this well where heaven and earth are meeting to speak. The Lord says I am calling you to be like Nehemiah and to come up into your governmental positions and to have a voice that speaks forth across Texas strategically right now and this nation. For the Lord showed me the living stones that create the boundaries of this nation and the boundaries of Texas.  And the Lord showed me where they have been toppled over and breached in places by the words of the Nabals in this land, foolish words. And the gates at these borders have been unhinged. But the Lord says I am calling you to come and stand in the opening of the wall with a sword in one hand, one that is double edged with My Word and for war and I am calling you to lift the sound of the shofar, to release the love over this land and the peace that once ruled from My throne in this nation. I am calling you strategically to come up and to be in travail like Abigail when Nabal her husband was a fool and said things that angered David and David would have sinned and come and destroyed that household and God would not have been happy with him. I am calling some of you to be Abigails and to travail. And I am calling some of you to be like Nehemiah, governmental and make decrees. Open your voice. Come into your strategic assignment for a time such as this. For Texas is hanging at a new cross point. Texas, where I have placed you on your region and timeline, I am calling you to come up with the authority that I have placed in this well of purity. For I am dropping my plumb lines and I have angels coming in that are scribes and they have tablets and they are writing upon these tablets your words to bring them before My face and as I breathe them in I will blow out the decree for this land and I will shift the things that the Nabals have said.

The Lord says I am great but I speak great in my small voice. And the Lord says I saw you go under the expression of the golden hoopah.  And the Lord says the things you have strived in in your soul to be consistent in I am bringing and ordering this day into that structure through my small still voice. And the Lord says you will not have to strive in your soul because I love you and I’m speaking to you in a sound of change and maturity. I am bringing you to a place to be a mighty voice for My kingdom over this land and over this nation and to release into this world because I love you and I trust you.  In the winds I’ll let you see says the Lord. Come up here. I’m anointing you My legal team. Come establish My will in the earth. Fear not. Fear not. We’re on the same side and I’m King over all. I’ll let you see just come up and join My legal team.

Now Time

This word is from Lonnie Lavender of War Cry Ministries
We are in the NOW TIME of crossing over.  We are coming to the end of the year 2010.  In years past, when we entered into the new year we would pray for the first couple weeks to see what God was saying for the year ahead and where we were going.  But this year God says, the time is now.  It is time to cross over and be ready to go on January 1st.

Just as in the book of Joshua, we need to pray and cross over before midnight December 31st this year.  We need to  be on the other side and ready to go.  One of the first things Joshua did when they crossed over the Jordan was to be circumcised as instructed by God.  Today when we hear that word we might think one thing, but God is saying another.  We need to cut off the 2010 season, and all the stuff we picked up, and hear God.  He is asking “What is the Jericho, that is blocking our path this season?”

On January 1st, I believe we will hear the word of the Lord, about what is our Jericho-corporately and individually.  He will also show us what it will take to remove our jericho and move forward in this new season.  We must hear the word of the Lord because we hven’t been this way before.  This is a time when like never before we must hear the words of Moses in Exodus 33:15″If Your presence does not go with Us, do not bring us up from here.

This season we must hear the voice of the Lord, and move out as He leads.

Lonnie Lavender