November 2, 2014

Dream:  I had a dream this week and I think the Father, that the Lord wants me to share it with you all. I saw these hordes of people, they were in groups. Did anyone here see Lord of the Rings? They were dark, black images. There were no graphic ugly faces or anything like that. There were just hordes of, groups of dark, dark human bodies. And they had a plague. They had a plague. Now this isn’t about Ebola but they had a plague that was catching. And as I looked at them I could see that it was just spreading. That people were just catching it. And I saw that when, you could see it get on someone. It was like a black jellyfish. It was transparent and it would go over and latch onto somebody and then just sink into them and disappear. And then suddenly one of the people got healed. And the Lord said He forgave. And God began to show me that that could spread. And as they forgave other people forgave and God began to heal this plague. And I woke up and I thought Okay. Search my heart because this was very heavy, very strong and the first thing I thought was Jesus saying if you don’t forgive you will not be forgiven.  And I mean do whatever you want to with your theology in that line but Jesus said it. So this is really heavy on my heart and I began to search my heart. And God began to bring  the people in the political arena that I would like to strangle, anyway, so I’ll leave it there. Then anyway, God really dealt with me and He showed me, He showed me it was like a blanket of attitudes and people that I didn’t have a right heart toward and I didn’t even really realize it until He opened my eyes to see. Well then last night, I often listen to my kindle as I go to sleep, I find somebody, some ministry to listen to, and last night the Lord said Bobby Conner and His sermon was on, was The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart. And I had spoken to my family women two or three years ago and that was my title. So I thought Oh, okay I’ll listen to this. By the time he was through he had so married it to my dream. This is not a time that we can walk in unforgiveness. We want nothing in our hearts between us and the Lord when we get down to pray. Not only do our own hearts, and minds, and lives depend on it but so does the condition of the church and the hope and future of our country. So, it’s time to search our hearts. It’s not time to compromise anything. This is what God is speaking to my heart.


While Harriet was talking about the jellyfish, the dark coming on people and then vanishing into them, it made me think of a boil. I was back during praise and worship standing on the tape of Texas where Houston would be. And I felt like the Lord was saying I’m going to lance this boil that has come up and I was praying that He would contain it as only He can. And as only He can do it without damage. And then He had me lay flat out on the floor and my hand hit up in the center of the map. And I heard him say He’s used this church as a scapel. When God can trust you with a sharp instrument, it’s the highest honor He can give you. We give Him praise. We thank You and we thank You Lord. … that Your word goes forth like a two edged sword. Father we thank You for the words, for Your words, that have been released through us and will be released through us that will lance that boil in Houston. And Father we thank You that You have graced us with Your voice.  We receive this word, this revelation Father and we respond with a hearing heart to begin over the next weeks to release Your words into Houston. Father we bless You. We thank you Jesus.

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