November 9, 2014

I hear the Lord saying, I’m looking for some gold people. I am looking for some people who have been through the fire and come out on the other side saying I’ve got more faith than I had before. I’ve got more strength than I had before. And the Lord said surely I will cause that river to become gold and I will pour you into the breach and the division in this nation. For the Lord says there is great wounding in your nation and bitterness that has come up even to my ears but the Lord says I will cause a golden people to be poured into that breach and seal it. So the Lord says offer me yourself today. Offer me the gold that has come out of your fire. For the Lord says surely, surely you will look back and say that was a great time of faith. The Lord says watch for there is a new Renaissance movement coming to this nation. As one that was in the 17th century, surely this nation will see a Renaissance movement and it will be about My people in this nation for I am changing My people into the very image of My Bride says the Lord.

There is a wind and a shifting over this nation. For I have been dropping my plumb line over this nation and over your hearts for months. I am purifying, I am transforming, and I am changing the vessels in My presence who cry out to Me and say Lord, Lord You are the One True Living God. I stand for You and You alone. The Lord says I am looking at the heartbeat and I am changing your hearts to beat with Mine. I am putting My roar and My voice into your very existence and the boldness of the Lion of Judah will roar forth from your voice and you will stand in amazement and say who said that and I will say it is the I Am speaking through you. I choose to work through you so I am purifying. So the Lord says lay yourself prostrate in your heart before Me. Let Me sanctify, let Me change, let Me roast into that purity and that gold that she was talking about your apostle. The Lord says I am looking to purify you like gold so that you can roar with authority, I am calling you into your place. I am calling you to the high places to release the sound of change over this nation. My heart wants change for this nation. Align with Me this day says the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

You were sent for such a time as this. I the Lord God could have placed you anywhere in time but I have placed you in this strategic time because before you were born you were set apart for this time in history.  I see the Lord. I see the Lord with His wings outstretched and each and everyone of you are covered in the shadows, or hidden in the shadow of his wings in the secret place. And I see His heart, His heart dripping with blood as He Himself, His heart is breaking for the nations of the world, for the Muslims of the world, for those who do not know Him or do not want to know Him. And He is placing His heart in your heart. And as the days go on you will find your hearts breaking for nations that maybe you never even thought about but He is putting His heart in each and every one of you. And the weapons of your warfare are peace, rest, worship, intimacy. The Lord says come unto Me for My burden is light. And He says spend time with Me in your busy days. The most important thing you can do is spend time with Me. And I will put My perspective in you. For this is a time to bring Heaven to earth. And I will show you how to bring Heaven to earth. Each and every one of you, this is not a time to be busy and going after things you think will help in your warfare. It is a time to rest in the Lord, a time for peace in your heart. And these things, especially  the worship, the intimacy, those are your primary weapons of warfare. And the Lord says I pour My love out to each and every one of you and My goodness upon each and every one of you. Take it to the broken of this world. Take My goodness, take My glory, take My love to the broken of your city and even beyond out to the world.

Father, we just dovetail into that word. You’re vetting this critical examination that You are laying over Your people. You’re vetting Your people at this time to see if they are in that place to ensure the strength, to be entrusted with the secrecy, the loyalty and the trustworthiness. And I pray for the vets, Father, and for the body of Christ that are veterans. Let it be said that the vets ran the good race, that we would be holy as Your veterans. We honor those Father who have paid the price not knowing what they were walking into in a young age in the military Father. And many have come out Father very wounded. We pray for them this day as we pray for the body of Christ that that healing would rise up and bring us back into a place to run the race well again Father. Bless the veterans.

I feel like the Lord is saying I want to make it clear I want to honor My veterans. You may have served in the natural in the military but you’ve been in My army for years and you’ve served faithfully. I want to honor you. When you serve for a long time, unless you are really bad at what you do, you get promoted. You cannot take that and move in that promotion until you come into that position before Him. Let Him honor you and release it. Father, I stand before You and adore You and praise You that if a carnal nation can honor its veterans, how much more do You want to honor Yours. I bind every spirit of false humility from this place and from everyone in here and we will receive the honor You want to grant us so that we may move freely and with full authority into the next level You have for us. We bow before You and we receive Your honor and Your commissioning to the next step and the next level. Now to respond to that just as we get ready to transition here what I want to exhort and encourage us to do today is find a veteran in the natural and honor that veteran. As you have come into the word here that you’re a veteran in the Lord’s army. Before we leave today find one of those that was standing and honor them for their fight for our nation in the natural.

You know we were in the river, and it was a river of fire and I could see us jumping from flame to flame in the river. And you know those fire tunnels, those whirlwinds that get going, y’all we were getting sucked up into these fire tunnels and going all the way up to the top, dancing in the middle and getting spun out in a place of promotion  and that’s what I saw, it spun us to a higher place.

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