November 16, 2014

There is a change this day. I have to tell you what the Lord is showing me in the spirit. Up here is a banner and out of your mouth came come under the banner. The Lord is saying come under My banner of change. The banner says Yeshua Hamashiach. He is alive, He is ruling and reigning over this nation in the hearts of those that will align with Me. Ten angels on each side came in waving flags, the wind of hope. The Lord says step out of hope deferred, see with new visions, mount up like eagles and soar in My breath. And I will strengthen you to have a boldness and a voice like never before to shift a nation in intercession and prayer, and even some of you are called to the microphone to speak out the change and to go to the legislative government. The Lord says I am uncapping things so come under My banner, and the Lord is floating on our praises so the Lord says get excited cause the electricity, the frequencies, the sounds are here. My banner, Jehovah Nissi, is waving. Get like Jehosaphat and go out in praise and worship before Me. Get excited cause I am ruling. Watch the Lord says. Watch the whirlwinds and when you see them coming, good or bad, step into the eye of it. Know that I am your boundary. I am your bloodline. I am your hope says the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

I just have a strong impression from Holy Spirit that there are people in here who want a more intimate, a better relationship with Jesus. I first of all want to say please just grab someone and say Will you pray for me about that. I just felt the Lord would be pleased today if as a congregation of people who love Him, Let’s just kind of go to something basic and just thank God that all our sins are forgiven. There’s not one of us that come to our heavenly Father on our own merit or because we’re good. Let’s just be thankful for a minute, just wow, your sins are forgiven. All our shame at the cross, all of our silly patterns, all of our craziness just loses its power at the cross. And if that were the end it would be awesome but then He fills us with Holy Spirit the minute we accept Him and we literally begin to be transformed into the person we always really wanted to be and just can’t without His power. So Father as a congregation of those called, called to the nation, called, Lord today we just want to thank You once again that our sins are forgiven and Holy Spirit is in us. We say Holy Spirit, Father, this morning You just change us into everything that You want us to be. But we never forget to be simply grateful for what You did at the cross and for all the things You’ve done. We confess before You today, we can’t take one step without You. So as our heart sings and Lord we even come close to a covenant time in our nation called Thanksgiving, we just say we are so grateful today for the cross, for Holy Spirit, and that You create a people who never lose. And Father that You’re Name is always triumphant, in us, through us, and over us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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