Prophetic Warning from Merrie 8/17/2015


I have always believed that the church’s traditional teachings concerning separation of church and state were born in deception.  We are the Kingdom of God.  We are the called out ones and we are never separated from exercising our influence.  So, I speak freely into elections and anything else the Lord asks me to.  We are entering a very intense and I will even say potentially dangerous season.  It is a good season!  We will ride the wind of awakening with a light that can be seen through the universe!

I hear the voice of the Lord saying, “Be very on guard of the spirit of prostitution – the spirit of harlotry that would seduce those wanting to stand.

Let’s think for a moment about the seduction of the prostitute.  That covenant breaking evil would prey on the weakness of the person’s heart – the fear, the anger flowing out of a feeling of powerlessness.  Even in the natural it is the weakness of man, the slave heart that would be vulnerable to the prostitute.  The price paid for the covenant breaking deed is death.

Prov 3:25 Do not be afraid of sudden fear,  Nor of the onslaught of the wicked when it comes; 26 For the Lord  will be your confidence,  And will keep your foot from being caught.    NASB

There are two prostitutes seeking to have intimacy with and deceive even those wishing to walk right.  One is called Bitterness and the other is called Human Anger.  Bitterness is a stranger and you cannot drink from those waters and live.  This is why Moses had to throw the branch (cross) into the waters of Marah so Israel could drink.  The cross accomplished our forgiveness and is intrinsically tied to the forgiveness of others.  When we are weak with fear and powerlessness the enemy will offer us the stirred and mixed waters of bitterness. He is offering it to entire cultures. The unfaithful force of human anger is another that will attempt to have intimacy with us so that we are trapped in false power.

“The anger of man cannot produce the righteousness of God.”  James 1:20

It is true that there is righteous indignation that comes from the fire of our Father against wickedness.  This is what caused the Psalmist to cry out in Ps 139, “How I hate those that hate You!”  How do we know the difference between human anger and holy anger?  One is born of fear and one is born of love.  Human anger originates from a fear of powerlessness.  Holy anger originates from the fear of the Lord.  One is self-serving and brings fearful striving.  Holy anger is God-serving and leads to intercession and faith. Human anger is focused on people.  Holy anger is focused on Satan and loves the people.

Friends of God, I speak to covenant people – a remnant. I know we have suffered frustration but we are NOT powerlessness.  I know there are words aimed at us with the stench of the accuser but we are NOT brought down.  We have the Word of our Father!  The accuser WILL BE thrown down because we have His blood, His testimony and boldness that is not afraid of death. His Word alone must move us.

Today I hear of presidential candidates and others that wish to lead us and it is said, “They have tapped into the stream of people’s anger.” Anger is not a healthy stream to “tap into.” Anger is the cover for fear, pain and powerlessness.  It is the same stream that caused Germany to accept the Third Reich.  Friends, let Holy Spirit alone tap into your pain and anger.  He will transform our fear into power.  We are and will hear of those who will tap into financial fears and many other fears. While one of these may indeed become our next president I pray for a national leader tapped into the anointing that God has to heal our nation!!  Yahweh alone is our financial security, our power, and our future. I pray that we will not allow our frustration, pain or anger to be our guide.  I am saying be very careful to be moved by the ONE who is our guide.

Now, I urge you.  Get out there and engage for the influence you were born again to carry.  Speak with the boldness of His love in you.  Do all you know to do and then stand.  AND beware of seduction.  Do not give your strength to another.

Prov 5:3 For the lips of a woman who is a stranger drop honey, her mouth is smoother than oil;  4 but in the end she is as bitter as wormwood, sharp as a double-edged sword.  5 Her feet go down to death, her steps lead straight to Sh’ol;  6 she doesn’t walk the level path of life — her course wanders all over, but she doesn’t know it. 7 So now, children, listen to me; don’t turn away from what I am saying:  8 distance your way from her, stay far from the door of her house;  9 so that you won’t give your vigor to others and your years to someone who is cruel, 10 so strangers won’t be filled with your strength and what you worked for go to a foreign house.


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