THE DENIAL OF DARKNESS (A New Definition of Love)

The Denial of Darkness by Merrie Cardin

The Presence of God was strong in our gathering Sunday.  Now the thing about His Presence is that He hugs, He restores and heals and then – yes He convicts.  Conviction always draws us to Him while condemnation blocks our path to the throne of grace.  Therefore, I have learned to love conviction and the dance of repentance.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Daughter, why do you hate and fear the words of your elected leaders?”  I answered Him honestly since He already knows.  That is who He is – the ONE who Knows and Sees.  I told the Lord that I do not listen and I even turn them off because they lie.

So, the One who NEVER lies said this, “You do not listen because there is a place inside you that gives their words more power than Mine.  I want you to listen with an ear to hear strategy and discernment and I will show you how to pray.”

Therefore, this morning as our President spoke at the summit in Turkey I decided I would listen.  I heard him speak of a mindset – an ideology – that would not judge anyone and there was a stream of wisdom in the words but a complete denial of darkness.  So, as he spoke he addressed our need to be compassionate, non-judgmental and kind, I heard a familiar ring —- wow, this sounds like much of the church.  You see, we need to be fearless with compassionate and also ruthless with evil. Love and freedom are not without cost.

Jesus was not in denial about sin and darkness and I would consider Him to be the very embodiment of compassion.  He talked about cutting off the hand that stumbles you and He said if we keep our lives for self then we lose it.  He spoke of dark times, dark acts and dark sin.  He said that those who follow Him would not walk in darkness.  He judged the religious structures and the civil structures.  He overturned tables where the religious leaders served money more than God.  (just fyi for the crowd who refuses to be politically engaged.  This was part of Israel’s political structure.)

Why are we so afraid to address evil?  Well, let us begin with our own hearts before we confront the structures outside the church?  I believe we have lost our way as we seek the true expression of love.  We have redefined the Love of Christ.  We have embraced the ideology of humanism or human-centeredness. Love expresses the grace of God while expressing grief towards sin.  His Love shares with compassion while refusing to embrace the idolatry of co-dependency.  He protected the woman in adultery from accusation while telling her to go sin no more.  He made a man whole while warning to remove sin “lest worse come upon you.”  Was He loving?  Yes!!  Was He judging? Yes!!

When David heard Goliath he was moved by both the love and judgment of God.  He walked into the midst of God’s people who were listening to Goliath and also being moved by the fearful words.  Their fear of Goliath’s words caused them to refuse to move.  His own brothers accused David of being prideful as he refused to deny the truth that Goliath taunted Yahweh Himself.  David loved God and judged blasphemy.  The church today is so very much like the army of Israel in that very valley of decision.  We refuse to see and address the “controversy” of blasphemy, evil, idolatry and sin.  What made Israel afraid of Goliath?  They were afraid of death, loss and defeat.  What are we afraid of?  We fear death to our reputation, loss of church members and truthfully we fear the words of the Goliaths out there more than we fear the Word of God.  I think the word we use is “tolerate”.

The army of Israel under Saul was forming their thoughts in alignment with the words of Goliath.  Remember that Saul eventually lost his place due to the fear of man.  The prophet Samuel addressed that fear as rebellion (witchcraft) and insubordination (idolatry).  We have our reasoning as we deny and refuse to confront our Goliath also.  We call it the separation of church and state or we cloak our refusal under the guise of a higher goal such as “winning souls”.  We refuse to offend people and so we wind up offending God.

So, I see that true Love never denies darkness.  True Love exposes darkness so that His Light can overcome darkness.  How can we expose darkness without being “judgmental”? We expose and judge as we allow His Love to grow bigger than our fear. We expose darkness because we love Father and people enough to risk making us all uncomfortable and maybe even sad or mad or……….perhaps even be judged by those refusing to see?  We expose darkness with Love because it is what we all came out of.  We expose darkness because it is the nature of the Light.

Revelations 12 says we overcome the real accuser (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of our testimony and by our conscience decision to love not our lives here even unto death.  The blood of Jesus is not politically correct.  His blood does not deny darkness but confronts darkness.  The lamb’s blood judged and confronted every demon in Egypt.  The blood of Jesus judges and confronts and judges every demon that holds people and captures their worship of God.  Could it be that the word of our testimony should point to the ruthless Love of the Lamb and His blood?  Could it be that His blood was given to set free our words that expose darkness and bring light?  Who has captured your words?  Religious political correctness?  Fear of man?  Humanistic goals of comfort?  Do we love our lives here on earth more than His Light?  Are we selfish?  There are so so many literally losing their lives as we form ideologies that do not align with Truth.

In short, there is only One source of Love.  God is Love.  The spirit of anti-Christ means against Christ but also it means “instead of” Christ.  There is a spirit moving both in the world and infiltrating the church that spreads a gospel of “instead of” Love.  It is a counterfeit love. This form of love will not stand in the baptism of fire nor will it be able to find its way in the threshing floor of Jesus’ passion to form a bride.  It will deny the fire and it will try to deny the reality of the threshing that separates wheat from chaff.  It will call the winnowing fork of Christ judgmental and out of touch.

This nation and many others are now reaping the results of ideology that denies evil.  In the political world this ideology is most often labeled progressivism.  The roots of it are in Darwinism (evolution/no Creator) and so there is no true evil.  There are only circumstances responsible for the sin of man.  In fact, this doctrine does not acknowledge sin.  It has polluted our thinking. Today I write with a prophetic passion because it has slipped into our Covenant love feast uninvited. It is now leading in our government and our colleges and media. Give this denial and this darkness no place in your heart or your mind.  Leave only room for His Light and Love.  He that is in us is greater!  His Kingdom is always increasing.  Let us move with His Kingdom and take the head of Goliath.

Moving in Awakening with you,

Merrie Cardin

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