Core Values for Leaders

 Judges 6:12-13


“The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior.”



  • Our Father and His Presence are valued above all.  We are led, fashioned and directed in all by Him.  We follow His Presence.
  • We seek to know His Love and gain revelation of His covenant with us.
  • We grow in His love for us.
  • We seek passionately for His Love to move through us. As leaders we model His love in and through us.

 2.     HONOR

  • We honor the LORD and so worship is our joy.  Honor is an expression of our value system and His covenant values.
  • Our quest is to honor one another above ourselves.
  • We practice honor by honoring each other intentionally
  • We honor leaders in all spheres even outside the “church walls”
  • Leaders should always tithe and give but we seek to do this through an inward motive to honor the Father and one another.

 3.     UNITY

  • We seek to be one with the LORD and with one another.
  • We agree to not violate the integrity of one another through speech or action. 
  • We seek to celebrate one another by fasting from divisiveness and all forms of malice.


  • Our model for character is Jesus.  We look to Him above personality or gifting qualities. 
  • Character is usually developed through tribulation and expressed through perseverance.   (Romans 5)  We commit to loving one another by encouraging character.


  • We agree to love through accountability.
  • Accountability is not expressed through hierarchy but through relational integrity.
  • We agree to be accountable in our process of maturing.


  • Freedom
  • Our individual calls and the development will always happen through the context of the body of Christ.  Greatness and destiny do not happen through isolation.
  • We will always honor and make way for gifts in the body and learn to be corporate in our expression within the body.


  • The maturing process means I own and take responsibility for myself and my call.
  • We will grow in seeking to overcome the fear of failure or being wrong.


  • Prayer before results
  • Growing to know, honor, and be led by His Presence
  • Allowing Him to reveal and touch our weaknesses (all the way to the cross)
  • His agenda trumps ours always


  • We agree to risk.
  • Destiny happens outside the borders of our comfort zone.


  • We seek first His Kingdom and His values (righteousness). All else is His business.
  • We are His royal sons and daughters.  The earth is our inheritance.

We are commissioned as His heirs to see His Kingdom come into the earth.

  • Since our Father is King we pray (get His counsel) first and act the obedience afterwards.
  • We honor Christ’s five-fold equipping functions in His church so that we mature and well represent Him.